About Us

About EDL:


Electric Dragonland was founded by Shahn Anderson in 1994.  With Shahn’s over 25 years of tattooing experience, he has earned the reputation of having one of America’s elite studios as well as having one of the most artistically creative staffs.

With over a decade of convention tours, traveling abroad and a solid reputation for one-of-a-kind custom tattooing, Shahn decided to on locating the shop in Hopkins, Minnesota.  Being a Minnesota native, Shahn realized the good nature and loyalty his Midwest clients carried.  Wanting to run a very elite shop where people would travel to get tattooed and not have to deal with a lot of the big city walk-in traffic.  Hopkins only seemed natural as a place to make his artistic niche.

Here Shahn hand-picked his staff to meet any needs a customer might have.  Whether the person was thinking of small traditional swallows or a full-scaled Japanese body suit, Shahn wanted to make sure every artistic aspect had been covered.

Currently Shahn’s staff consists of Himself, Dan Dittmer, Thaddeus Paskey, Stefanie Schill, and Chuck Householder. Between these four artists the artistic spectrum at Electric Dragonland has been filled, resulting in each artist being well versed in both their artistic skills and technical skills.
So whether you’re thinking of your first tattoo or an avid tattoo collector looking to add on, Electric Dragonland can meet your needs!

Electric Dragonland charges hourly and works by appointments only.  Consultations with the artists are recommended before the actual tattoo appointment dates are set up – as we draw up every piece to fit your needs.

Electric Dragonland requires that you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license or state issued photo ID (birth certificates will not work).

So swing on down and talk to the guys first-hand, you won’t be disappointed!